Riding the No Gas Range... Listen now | Heat up the stove Ma, I'm riding the range tonight!
Bring it Down!Listen now (6 min) | Catch and Study
Merry Christmas!Listen now (4 min) | A reading of my favorite Christmas Poem, The Night Before Christmas
Twitter Files, Elon Musk, 1st Amendment - Part II - (the Podcast)Listen now (11 min) | It's not just about Free Speech...
Twitter Files, Elon Musk, 1st Amendment, even Katie Hobbs! (The Podcast)Listen now (12 min) | How the Twitter Files show what the empowered really want to do to your brain...
Until the Border is Closed!
Close the House (The Podcast)Listen now | Until the border is closed.
Life's Little Annoyances (Podcast)Listen now | Life is rough. Get a helmet!
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